Financial Readiness: How It Affects Buying or Building a House

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Most of us have been putting our dreams on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have already planned to move to a new house but decided to stay put in the meantime. Of course, you have more important needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, and so on. Along with that, a lot of individuals also experienced job losses over the past year. And that in itself is already a big factor that affects a consumer’s buying power.

But, as months passed, we’ve somehow found a way to start coping with the situation. So, now you’re probably considering proceeding with your plans. However, moving is a big decision to make. Some might choose to buy a property, while others opt to build their own. But, no matter what you decide on, you should know that there are factors that you need to look into beforehand.

You Need to Have a Budget

Money isn’t something you can earn easily. This is why you should always think twice before you spend it. And life-changing decisions, such as moving houses, would require you to put out a huge amount. So, you should start by creating a budget. To do that, you could take the time to research the price ranges of properties or land in your prospective area. Let’s say the demand in Layton isn’t as high as compared to Salt Lake. So, this would allow you to have an idea of how much you need to save.

Building Your Own

If you plan on building your own home, of course, you’d have more expenses. This is because you’d need to hire professionals to construct the property itself.

More Choices in Location

A great thing about this, though, is that you have more options for the location. Usually, when planning a move, it’s better to live in an area that’s accessible. Even if most of us are now working from home, you still need to consider the distance from your workplace. If you have kids, it’s ideal to have schools nearby as well.

Customization Options

When you choose to build your own house, you can also make it more efficient. You can now incorporate many innovations into your property—from ventilation, filtration, cooling, and so on. When it comes to appliances and fixtures, you could also opt for greener alternatives. And if these adhere to the new energy codes, you’ll be able to notice a decrease in your monthly bills.

Of course, you’d also need to pay attention to the land itself. The exterior parts of a house would always matter because this is the first thing that people see. And nowadays, since we spend most of our time indoors, it’s great to stay outside every once in a while. So, you could consider hiring a reputable landscaper to help improve its overall appearance.

Better for Your Health

Over time, molds may develop on old surfaces, which could be a threat to your well-being. So, building a new house would be better for your health as well.

Buying an Existing One

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Despite all the many benefits that one can get from building a new house, there are still people who choose to buy an existing one. But, don’t think that this would limit your chance to be creative. Even if you didn’t take part in the actual design of the property itself, you could still add your own touch to it.

Does Not Take Up Much Time

Usually, one factor that causes buyers to arrive at this decision is time. Of course, constructing a house would take months. And afterward, one would still need to buy all the appliances they need. So, if you happen to be on a tight schedule, you’ll find the idea of looking for an existing property more appealing.


In most cases, buying a house is also cheaper. Yes, there may still be some changes that you need to pay for, such as repainting, refurnishing, and the like. But overall, the property is already there. So, you won’t have to spend a big chunk of your budget.

Take the Time to Decide

Having a new house is a goal that almost every individual has. Of course, this serves as a sign of your hard work. But, before making such a decision, you should also consider your financial readiness. Whether you plan to build a new house or buy an existing one, both would require a big risk because there’ll always be upsides and downsides. So, you should keep those in mind as well.

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