The Importance of a Comfortable Bathroom


We’re bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of stressful things that we must face and overcome every day. Especially now, with all the problems around the world, we tend to retreat more and more inside the comfort of our own homes, our haven.

There has been plenty of discussion about what part of your house should bring you the most comfort. While the answers vary greatly, we’d like to go against the current and suggest that your bathroom should be on the top of your priority list.

Toilet Problems You Should Never Ignore

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In one way or another, your toilet may suffer some of the most common problems that make your bathroom experience unpleasant. Make sure that you don’t ignore these issues as they might escalate to bigger concerns. Don’t worry. Fixing these problems is often easy.

Rusted Bolts

Some toilets use metal bolts to hold the seat in place. The problem with this is that the moisture in your bathroom can easily cause them to rust. You can use a drill to remove these bolts and when you replace them, make sure that you use a bolt made with plastic to keep it from rusting.

Sweaty Toilet

If your toilet uses a tank, one common issue you may encounter is a sweaty toilet. This is often because the humid climate causes condensation in the bathroom and forms drips of water on the tank that leads to a messy toilet. You can install an insulation mechanism inside the tank to keep this from happening.

Sluggish Flush

Suppose you noticed that when your toilet flushes, the water runs slowly and doesn’t flush completely. This may be caused by minerals or dirt hiding inside the rinse holes where the water comes from. A handheld mirror will provide you with a perfect view of these holes, and a metal hook will help you remove any clogging on them.


Every homeowner has faced a clogged toilet at some point in his/her life. Fixing this requires one simple tool, a plunger. When getting a plunger, make sure that you use one with an extended plunge to maximize the covered area and fix the clogging more effectively. However, not all clogging problems can be solved by a plunger, especially if you also notice that your toilet drains slowly, the water level is inconsistent, the pipes make gurgling noises, and there’s sewer backflow in your drains. Calling for a sewer line repair company is essential in fixing these problems.

The Importance of a Comfortable Bathroom

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The question that arises from all of this is why we should even bother aiming towards a better and well-maintained bathroom. What is so important about it that we need to make sure it provides the comfort we’re longing for? We’ve listed down some of the best answers for that.

Starting and Ending Your Day Right

There is a huge possibility that we will start and end our day inside the bathroom. Before heading to work, we use the bathroom to not feel bloated and heavy every morning. After a long and tiring day, we use the bathroom to relax and feel light before we go to bed. This dramatically affects how we function.

The Contemplation and Relaxation

Weird as it may seem, a lot of inspiration comes to us when we’re inside the bathroom. That’s probably because it’s when we’re alone that we have the time to contemplate certain ideas. Aside from that, spending time in our bathroom is also a short pause from life and relax a little.

Maximize the Tone of Your Home

If you’re designing your room, you don’t stop at the living room or your bedroom. The bathroom significantly accentuates the ambiance that you’re trying to go for. Since the bathroom is a haven for your house, setting up candles and other accessories would give a calming sensation to anyone who uses it.

Safe Space

Building upon what we mentioned earlier, the bathroom provides us with a moment of solitude. It’s the one place inside your home wherein other people would leave you unbothered if you’re using it. This makes the bathroom a great place to destress and unwind whenever you feel the need to.

Fewer Problems

Problems in your toilet or bathroom are not an isolated case. Your house’s plumbing and sewer system are all inter-connected. That’s why having problems in your bathroom might also result in problems in the kitchen, garden, or any other part of your home that uses water. Making sure that your bathroom is well-maintained translates to a stress-free home.

Whenever you spend time in your bathroom, we believe that you should feel like a king. That’s why you should always ensure that your bathroom is free from all these problems. You should treat it as a paradise.

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