For Confused Adults: How to Adult Properly

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These days, being an adult is like dealing with many pressures — from your family, work, and even friends. And it can be more than overwhelming. You have a lot of things to attend to that you lose track of them all. Eventually, everything will end up looking messy.

That’s okay. Every grown-up undergoes these things that it looks like it’s already a baptism by fire. The good news is, you can always actually take control of your adult life. It takes a lot of practice and trial and error, of course. But the process will definitely be worth it because of the lessons that you will learn along the way.

Regardless, here are some things that will help you mature properly:

Set goals

Time runs slow, but when you look back, you will realize that it’s actually running pretty fast. If you want to accomplish little and big things, you need to set goals. Do you want to get promoted in two years? Start working on it! Is it your plan to backpack across Japan? Save up! Planning to retire early? Start investing. When you have a goal, you will be required to plan your course of action to help you achieve them.

Start planning your time

As an adult, you need to plan your time wisely, knowing that you are dealing with many commitments. So it helps that you are a little early in everything, and you remain disciplined when using your time. One of the best ways to manage time is by writing your things down in your planner. When you have a schedule, you will easily find which of the commitments are actually priorities. Do your best not to be late and to submit work and requirements before the deadline. More importantly, give yourself enough time to rest — make it a habit to sleep early.

Learn to delegate

You might be the type of adult who does everything on his own, maybe because the sense of responsibility has been ingrained in you since you were young. However, it’s nice to remember that you are not alone. You can always seek help. Need to go on a business trip but can’t leave because your dog does not have a companion? Get a sitter. Revamping the windows of your apartment? Don’t attempt to DIY it. Instead, get a window installer.

Learn to say, “No!”

learn to say no

Are you the type of adult who always says “Yes!” to everything? This time, you should empower yourself by saying, “No!” You always have that option to decline an invitation to a party if you really want to rest. You can say “No!” to a coworker who always depends on you. You can say “No!” to a relationship that drains you of your energy.

It’s your life!

In the end, if you want to adult successfully, you need to remember the real essence of the things above: empower yourself and be organized. You can always try other methods that work for you. After all, it’s your life!

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