Why Self-care Is a Great Investment


When we think of self-care, we think of quick breaks in our work routine, small luxuries that we treat ourselves to, or stress relief. We don’t really think of self-care as a way to improve our lives—from our mental and physical well-being to our relationships with other people.

Self-care is not just a brief time to relax or unwind but a way for us to unlock our true potential by achieving healthy work-life balance. Although the lockdown earlier this year gave us time to pause and recharge, it is not enough to establish a good self-care routine. Long-term self-care is a good investment since you are investing in yourself. Where do we begin, though? Here are suggestions on where to start:

1. Appearance

Do not judge a book by its cover. But studies show otherwise. Although there are many things that we cannot change, such as inheriting your mom’s red hair or a birthmark, there are still facets of our appearances that we can control.

2. Clothes

Although business formal attires do not necessarily make employees more productive—in fact, employees who are required to wear them often feel awkward and stifled—wearing a comfortable yet fashionable outfit still lands us the job we want or makes us seem more like experts and professionals in the field. Wearing nice clothes also generally makes us feel better and more confident in ourselves, too.

The great thing about fashion nowadays is that it does not have to be expensive. So go to the nearest vintage store to find a fashionable power look.

3. Dental Care

Having great teeth can boost your confidence significantly. Even simple teeth cleaning or bridging a tooth gap can make you feel like you can take on the world. There are many benefits to having great teeth, and it does not have to be expensive. Affordable dental care is becoming easier to find—you just have to Google it.

4. Health

You know what they say about health being wealth. Having and maintaining a healthy body and mind are essential, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Studies have shown that having a strong immune system actually reduces the chances of having multiple organ failures and mortality rates if contracted the Covid-19 virus.

How do we boost our immune systems, though?


1. Exercise

Exercising is a good stress reliever, and it actually makes you feel good while also boosting your body’s immune system. However, establishing an exercise routine can be hard, especially when you’re stuck at home. Although gyms have reopened in many states, it is still good to think of buying your own training equipment and looking for fitness apps, workout videos, and exercise programs that can help you get started on exercising.

2. Sleep Schedule

Never underestimate the power of a good sleep schedule. Naps can actually increase your productivity. And though the eight-hour sleep schedule is a myth and the number of hours you sleep depends on many factors, a good night’s rest still is a good investment for your overall well-being. Even establishing a stable sleeping schedule does wonders for your mental and physical health. So do whatever it takes to make sure that you sleep well—from reducing your phone time before bed to buying an ergonomic mattress.

3. Diet

Eating healthy can be a struggle—between a good salad and a good steak, people generally choose the latter. Eating healthy meals matters. It can affect not only your physical health but also your mental health. Although many are becoming more conscious of what they eat, it can be difficult to maintain that health-conscious and sustainable eating mindset.

But there are many ways to make sure that you’re eating well while also eating ethically. You can support local businesses and restaurants, plan your meals early, and buy your ingredients at the local farmer’s market. You can even look for healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes. Eating healthy has become more accessible, so there’s no excuse for letting yourself go.

4. Hobbies

During the lockdown, there has been a spike in TikTok users, home bakers, and plant parents. With all the time we spend at home, we have the chance to rewind and go back to activities that we either enjoyed when we were younger or wanted to try out but didn’t have time for.

Even though we have gone back to our work schedules and routines, we should not abandon these hobbies, nor feel guilty for setting aside time to work on “unproductive” activities. Hobbies have many benefits for our health, and they can even become money-making ventures later on.

Self-care and self-development are not just quick one-time luxuries. They should be a big part of our lives. Self-care and personal development are ways of investing in ourselves, ensuring that we can be the happiest, most fulfilled, and best versions of ourselves.

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