3 Projects to Prove That Summer is the Best Time to Renovate

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There are always two sides to the same thing. For instance, while someone may jump for joy on the opening of in-person classes in the country these days, other parents find such a move too drastic with the delta variant of the virus rampant in many parts of America. California, of course, tops that list for now. As reported, most of those infected in that state are unvaccinated people.

The same holds true for summer. Many may find the sunny days too hot for comfort while some will welcome it with open arms. Recently, hundreds of deaths have been attributed to the torrid Pacific Northwest heatwave.

While you certainly need to protect yourself from the seething heat of the sun, know that summer offers a once-a-year treat: home renovation. No doubt, you may be able to factor in long-awaited house improvements in any season, the harsh winter including. Definitely, no one is stopping you from doing just that. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, then picking summer is the most opportune.

Don’t fret if that has you confounded. We’re showing you the top reasons what make summer the best time for home improvements. Plus, we’re giving you three projects that should fit right in, to a T.

The Case for Summer

Well, your initial reaction may be to question why summer of all seasons. You might find it such a busy season with families out on summer vacation, and perhaps, young couples tying the knot.

Remember however, that summer offers the perfect time to enjoy your time outdoors. During a kitchen remodel, for instance, you’d be facing an uphill battle when mealtime comes. Imagine prepping dinner without the sink and some appliances out of sorts. But that should not be a problem, you can always enjoy grilling time outside as in summer.

In doing so, you enjoy the fresh air outside and get some vitamins from the rays of the sun. Plus, there’s summer break for kids at school. So you have around 10 weeks starting the end of May to the first weeks of August when you need not bother about helping your children with homework and whatnot. That can certainly open up a huge amount of your schedule and confer with your designers and contractors instead.

Even better, summer is the most advantageous time to factor renovations from the point of view of the workers. Not only can you fill your kitchen, for one, with all the natural light you need, but also you have longer days in summer allowing your workers to optimize work more than any time of the year. With the sun up, you can pick the best possible color combination for your countertops and cabinetry.

Then, there’s the case for all the odors and dust that’s bound to happen with an indoor renovation in place. But that should not be a problem during summer. You can always open the doors and the windows for easy ventilation minus the pangs of winter. Your installers and remodelers will certainly thank you for it. You let them breathe fresh air as they do the remodel.

3 Timely Summer Projects


Kitchen Renovation

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When you think about it, the kitchen is central to our everyday living. We cook, eat dinner and even have our kids do their homework in the kitchen. It’s no surprise kitchen remodels are topping the charts as a popular renovation during the summer. Even a minor kitchen renovation can give your property an ROI boost of up to  82.7%.

If you do it in the summer, you can always cook the meals outside when the kitchen is undergoing positive change. Indeed, your choices won’t be as broad when you’re facing the cold of winter.

Timely Outdoor Features

Secondly, as summer presents to you greater time to bond outside your home, you should focus on putting up outdoor features to hold such exchange. We’re talking about a patio, deck, or porch. With greater time to build during the day, you should be able to finish such projects in a jiffy.

Take note that it would be hard for you to test an outdoor feature when winter comes calling. With places to congregate and hang around, you won’t need to crank the AC inside just to stay cool. In the process, you hit two birds in one stone. You lower your monthly power bill while keeping your family closer to one another.

Basement Remodel

Another place that is often overlooked is the basement. Far too often, we just use it to store away junk and unused items. But it certainly would help everyone to have another room in the house to congregate. Think about it.

With your basement remodeling done, you can have a home theater or a table tennis spot, another great place to hang around and bond with the whole family, or even invite close friends over.

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