How to Free Your Dining Area of Pests

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All living creatures need sustenance. We like to have a variety of food. Some of us like to eat whatever tickles our fancy, while others prefer only a certain set, like how vegetarians do not like to eat dishes created with meat. But whatever the case, the fact remains that craving for something is an instinct that all of us have to satisfy when we feel it coming. And just how does this get stimulated?

There are various ways, with the prominent ones being through sight and smell. Animals big and small have their own ways of tracking food. It can be troubling for you if you have little bugs that know where you store your edibles. You might be wondering where insects such as ants are coming from because they seem to appear from nowhere. But there are a lot of times when you see a lot of them crawling on your slice of cake after just several minutes of being away from it. Unlike humans, they are said to be able to detect food by being able to sense chemicals. They would know what kind of food emits and would follow that track.

If you find that your bug infestation could be something more than you can handle, it might be time for you to contact a pest exterminator. Using bug spray may not always solve problems, but these experts know how to target the root of the problem. This would at least greatly minimize the bug menace, if not eradicate them. But before they arrive there, you must learn how to keep your dining area free from various bugs.

Avoid Leaving Food on the Table

table napkin with a flySince bugs act on instinct, they just go straight to the food when they sense them. If you don’t want them swarming around your dining table, there are key food or ingredients that you have to avoid leaving on your table, or else you will have a little infestation on your hands.

Have you ever noticed some small bugs flying over your bananas? They are smaller than your housefly and seem to like other fruits as well, especially the overripe ones. These creatures are called fruit flies, and they can pose a health risk. Make sure to refrigerate your fruits and consume them immediately when you take them out. You should also know that anything sugary will attract ants, and they seem to be more active during the rainy season.

Meat and fish attract houseflies, which can bring dangerous diseases to your home. If you are preparing these kinds of food, make sure that they are at a safe distance from your dining table. Not only does it prevent cross-contamination, but it also draws those bugs away from your food.

Covers and Containers

When all else fails and you are unable to control the bugs, it is time for you to go on the defensive and cover stuff up. Doing this essentially would keep the food safe and clean. Doing that should also, hopefully, remove the attention they are getting from those little creatures. Sealing your food also prevents it from transferring its smell and taste to other uncovered ones in your fridge.

Clean up Surfaces

It is imperative for you to clean your table’s surface every day. But there could be times when you are clumsier than usual and you seem to make a mess all over the table with your food. When you spill your soda or drop something oily or saucy, you need to clean it up right away. If you leave those out, you are asking it to be crawled all over by your favorite bugs. Make sure to clean up right away upon the sight of dropped food or spilled drinks. Do not let these insects in for free food sampling.

Pests are going to be difficult to manage when you see more of them coming into your house. But if you detect their presence early, there is a good chance at controlling or minimizing the damage that they can do. They may have the numbers, but you have the brains.

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