How to Increase Property Value During a Sellers’ Market


It’s a sellers’ market. This is what the National Association of Realtors announced even as other sectors are experiencing a downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who are still looking to make money and make the best of opportunities in the housing market, now is the time to take action. Consider the following suggestions on how to make your property value rise while attracting buyers and investors:

New Paint Job

The renowned artist Pablo Picasso once said that “painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” While Picasso’s paint brushes touched canvass to create magnificent abstract art, you too can make your brushes and rollers into tools to imprint personality and life experiences into every wall and room of your property. By undertaking a good paint job, you are already increasing the value of the house.

When people see the house and its colors, what story does it say? Is it faded brown and evokes thoughts of times gone by or is it bright and yellow, inviting everyone to come in? The choice of color, of course, depends on the owner’s unique feel and vision for the house. Do you want it to project a country feel with walls of white, or is the property posing that Miami summer vibe with pastel colors, or perhaps darker shades of brown and gray for that old colonial aura? A good start to choosing which color to use for the repainting job is the color wheel, a circular illustration of families of colors that show which ones match well based on shade, hue, tints, and tones.

Highlight Appealing Yet Functional Details

Another way to increase property value is to add more functional renovations and appealing designs all around the property. A must-do is to check if there is a need to repair or install a new stormwater reinforced concrete pipe, a component that helps prevent flooding. A quick inspection of the roof would also let you know if there is a need for shingle replacements or cleaning of the gutters.

If there is space at the front, why not try a retro look and put up an old-fashioned red mailbox. This would surely catch attention to the front of the house. It is not only artistic but definitely a functional installation since it can be used to drop off packages and other deliveries, or that random old school mailed letter, as well. Also, try your hand at landscaping the front yard with potted ornamental plants or have a contractor set up rose bushes, if those flowers fits your architectural style. Having fresh grass squares or have a good gardener cut a chessboard pattern, making the patch more interesting to look at.

Install New Fixtures

Going back inside the house starting from the front door, it would make a great idea to replace all fixtures such as door knobs, cabinet handles, lighting, and mood lamps. You would be surprised at how seemingly small, mostly unnoticed items can really make a big difference in the overall interior design. Even the simple curtain rod can look elegant with a minor change to ornamental or more modern rod end covers. ;

Spice up the Kitchen or Living Room

Perhaps nothing changes a home interior better than a redesign or renovation of the kitchen and living room. The living room is so important since it is where the homeowner usually entertains once the guests come inside the house. It needs to look warm, cozy, and inviting not only to guests but more importantly to the owner and his family. That space needs to be a center for family love and friendship, making it a place for recalling good memories and creating new ones. Adorning the living room with a few items or memorabilia would surely make it a more meaningful part of the house. If a house buyer comes in to take a look, they too will imagine what the living room would be like once they start living there.

House interior

Making the kitchen extra special is also a move that will make property values soar. The kitchen is where most work in the house is done. It is also usually adjacent to or near the dining area, thus, making it a very visible and used part of the house. With professional help, you can install an elegant kitchen island that will serve as the cooking hub and breakfast nook in one. If there is a budget for it, get new ovens and induction stoves to give the kitchen a really modern and functional set-up.

Upgrade the Bathroom

Upgrading the bathroom fixtures and tiles will give it a new look and make it a more interesting part of the home interior. Aside from keeping it clean, the bathroom also needs to be highly functional, safe from accidents and decorated in a way that helps induce calm and a feeling of being refreshed.


One of the ultimate ways to make the house increase in value is to add noise-proofing materials to the rooms. When putting up the property on the market, potential buyers would definitely appreciate this feature. A noise-free house will certainly be a delight to live in especially for busy working individuals who want a quiet place to go home to after work.

Use Social Media

Finally, after all the renovations and designing are done, take high-definition photos of the home from the inside and out in the yard. Post the photos on a dedicated social media platform so that people can see the beauty and functionality of the house. By doing all these, expect to perform well during a sellers’ market where opportunities are ripe for those who know how to make homes more functional yet full of character and appeal.

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