Summer Renovations: Is It the Best Time to Renovate Your Home?

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Let’s face it: people find renovating their home to be a challenge in itself. Not only will most individuals have to spend an excessive amount of their funds on new furniture, appliances, and materials, but it can be messy at certain times. That said, renovating your home will require a reasonable degree of commitment, time, money, and effort.

Whether you’re tearing down the roof, hammering down concrete walls, or completely turning your living room inside out to fit your personal preference, renovating will need a fair amount of timing and planning. A good portion of the United States features temperate weather. The fluctuation in temperature means that most homes are designed for a variety of weather conditions.

If you’ve ever renovated your home during autumn or winter, it can be a nightmare. Not only will you have to deal with cold and windy weather that might cause a reasonable degree of discomfort, but snow and dead leaves around your home can also make the process a bit messy. There’s a reason why most contractors and renovators would instead work on your home during warmer seasons: it’s less of a hassle.

But what makes summer such a good time to start renovating your home? Can’t you also do it during the winter and colder seasons? We’ll be delving deeper into the factors in play during summer that can make renovation easier.

What Makes Summer a Good Time to Renovate?

There are various reasons it’s a better choice to renovate during summer rather than renovating during colder weather conditions. What are some benefits to doing it during warmer weather conditions?

  1. Most contractors will usually be available during good weather conditions since there’s no storm, overcast, and high winds that can interfere with the construction process.
  2. Nothing much usually happens in the summer, which makes it a prime time to do some renovations. This is a great way of getting construction projects done before significant events like the holiday season or Thanksgiving.
  3. Cold temperatures can compromise the structural integrity of some construction materials, which can make them vulnerable to impacts and bending. Summer is a great way of discerning the expansion quotient of some materials, such as metal roofing.
  4. Nobody wants to work in the middle of winter when there’s a blizzard. Aside from temperatures dropping, there are more physical hazards like frozen walkways and ice stalactites on the roof. Most contractors will need to have more personal protective equipment when constructing or making repairs.

Other Factors to Consider

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While summer might be a great time to start renovating since the elements are calmer, it’s still important to remember some factors that might become potential hazards while you’re remodeling your home.

Fire Hazard

Although; summer might be a great time to start renovating your home, it’s still important to remember that the rising temperatures and sunlight in your area can increase the likelihood of spontaneous combustion and fires. Although most homes and homeowners are prepared for fires, personal safety should always be the priority in any situation.

In 2020 alone, massive forest fires ravaged much of the United States’ and Australia’s countryside. If you’re living in close vicinity to heavily forested areas or facilities with highly combustible materials, you might want to consider getting some flame retardant clothing that can help keep you safe from fires. Having personal protective equipment should always be the first step in the renovation process.

Heat-sensitive Materials

When you’re renovating your home, it’s also important to keep in account the materials used for furniture and building materials. Most homes in warmer regions of the United States will use clay and slate since this does not catch on fire compared to wooden and cedar shingles widely used in cold regions.

There are various reasons homeowners and contractors should start renovating during summer. Not only will this help with your home’s design, but you can get a good layout on what’s needed and what you should more around. Still, it’s important to be alert when it comes to potential hazards caused by the build-up of heat.

While renovating your home during winter and autumn is possible, it’s not the most practical or logical choice when it comes to changes at home. Although work can still be done during the colder seasons, most renovators and contractors will have to expect problems related to the elements. It might cause issues if done during colder times. With all of these said, you should consider renovating your home and constructing new features during summer.

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