Getting More Sun: Home Improvements to Let the Sun In

outdoor gazebo

Natural light and sunlight have various effects on humans. It is known to increase productivity, give you more energy, and livens up the spirit. Once you start to appreciate how rejuvenating natural light is, you’d make moves to improve your home so you can have more of it inside.

If those reasons are still not enough to encourage you to open up, natural light also boosts happiness. It causes the brain to produce serotonin. This hormone improves your mood, alleviates pain, provides energy, and makes you feel well-rested and happy. Sunlight also helps your body have more endorphins or happy hormones.

Apart from these, having natural light around your home also provides you with practical benefits. You save more electricity for the lighting; it helps your house plants thrive and improve indoor air quality. All-in-all, a house bathed in natural light is bound to have an increased home value.

With the coronavirus pandemic, people have been asked to stay at home or limit going outside as much as possible. This means you have to be creative in finding ways to get as much soon as you can without endangering your health and that of others.

But how do you incorporate designs that will give your home as much natural light as possible? Here are some ideas.

Garden Gazebo

A gazebo is a traditional garden structure where many homes are built as a multipurpose and modern addition to their backyard. Aside from serving as a focal point in your garden, it also enhances your outdoor space. Regardless of the size, a classic design of a gazebo from a steel fabrication company will add a beautiful spot where you can have your fill of natural light.


outdoor patio

A large outdoor patio can serve various needs for your home and your family. It adds a great deal of extra space for entertaining, especially during summer. If you have a small kitchen, you can move some cooking outdoors. An outdoor patio area may also serve as your own relaxation area. When you feel gloomy at home, you can spend time with your family on your outdoor patio and enjoy the soft natural lights when the weather is good. Some homeowners also develop their patio to be used as an outdoor gym or as a base for a hot tub during winter.

Window Seat

Adding window seats around your home is a brilliant way to use wasted space and enjoy more natural lighting. It is easy to find people who can work wonders with your window seat plans, and it is also a low-cost home improvement project that you can do to let more natural light into your home.

Window seats will also give you a spot to sit, read, and relax while you look out the window. Homes with excellent views benefit the most when they have window seats to enjoy the view entirely.


Sunrooms are a unique alternative if you want to have an additional room in your house. It is a structure that is mostly surrounded by glass and screen openings. It is similar to patio rooms or outdoor enclosures, but it primarily uses glass, bringing in excellent natural light.

When you have a sunroom at home, you can easily bring in the outdoors and control the environment. You enjoy more natural light, but you keep the heat, rain, wind, cold, and the bugs out. If you love the outdoors but still want to enjoy the protection of being indoors, adding a sunroom to your home is the perfect solution. Sunrooms can serve as your primary living room, a yoga room, or an area where you entertain your guests.

Outdoor Picnic Area

If you don’t have a patio built, you can still enjoy more natural light by utilizing your backyard space as an outdoor picnic area. It is a great addition to any home, especially when the summer months are approaching. Your kids will surely enjoy playing outdoors and feeling the sun and light on their skin. You can have shaded spots where you can rest while you prepare the picnic for the family while the kids play traditional games of tag, catch, and others. You can also use this space to entertain guests when you invite them for a barbeque party or any special occasion.

By letting more natural light into your home, you do not only enjoy the lower energy consumption, your body and mind are also benefited. Let go of the gloomy and dark areas around your home. When planning your home design or thinking of your next home improvement project, consider these ideas to brighten up, liven up and illuminate your home with more natural light.

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