Handling Car and House Repairs in the Middle of a Pandemic


When was the last time you went to the garage for a car maintenance session? Is your due for a routine electrical checkup? With the coronavirus still at large, your car and home may not be getting the care it needs.

Whether it be as basic as a car stereo installation, a quick faucet fix, or much-needed home or vehicle maintenance, seeking help from a contractor can be intimidating. Yet, putting these tasks on hold may lead to further and more expensive damages.

As we are still urged to practice social distancing, letting someone work on our homes or cars is a reasonable challenge. However, with proper planning and protection, it is possible to take care of repairs even in the middle of the pandemic. Here are things you should consider as you opt to maintain your car or home.

Car Maintenance

Routine car maintenance like periodic oil changes is what keeps your car in great moving shape. If you are due for an oil change, take it to a drive-thru facility where mechanics can update your oil while you are inside your car. Some places offer other automotive routine maintenance too. If you can, have your repairs done on the same day so you won’t have to schedule another trip to the mechanic.

Ask about safety measures.

If your car needs intensive management or repairs, ask your mechanic about the services they offer. Most mechanics make intensive efforts to ensure that the risk of virus transmission is minimized as they handle your car. Others offer a virtual checkup, so they will know what to do beforehand. You can ask if they can do car drop-offs or off-site payments for services for lesser contact and exposure.

Most mechanics wear personal protective equipment like a hazmat suit and gloves aside from the typical mask while on duty. Others even place protective gear and coverings while they work on your vehicle. Some garages do not allow people to stay on-site for safety purposes. It is your right as a consumer to know about these measures. Communicate with your contractor should you have other arrangements.

Disinfect your car after the session.

Make sure you are wearing a mask when you receive your car. Bring a plastic bag and discard coverings as soon as you enter the vehicle. Disinfect the interiors of your vehicle, especially the things that you frequently touch while driving – your handles, airconditioning buttons, signaling controls, and your steering wheel, among other things. Air your car to dry so you won’t get molds on your interiors. And when you get home, make sure to wash your hands.

Home Repairs

Home repairs are more challenging than car maintenance as you will need to have people over to work at your place. This can be even more tedious when you have other people living with you. Call your contractor to set the record straight before booking a session to ensure that you and their service people are safe while they work inside your home.

Ask about your contractor’s requirements.

Ask your service provider for an estimated time of completion for the work to be done in your home. Other home repairs take days before completion, so you might need to vacate your home as they take care of it. If it’s a paint or extermination service, you have to air out your home to eliminate chemical odors.

You can ask as well if you have to prepare anything else before your repairman comes to work. If you need the services of a plumber, clear your sink cabinet for ease of work. Store all food items if possible to avoid possible exposure to the virus. And make sure that you keep all your valuables in a secure place to prevent theft.

Of course, you should not forget to always wear your mask when other people are working inside your home. If you can, do not stay in the same room as your repairman or maintain a healthy distance. If you have children, senior citizens, and pets at home, make sure that they are away from the area where your repair main will be working.

Settle things as soon as you can after your contractor finishes with the repairs.

Always have your cards, IDs, and pen ready so that you can make transactions with less waiting time. Always bring a sanitizing spray in your pocket for when you need to be in contact with your contractor. As soon as they leave, make sure to disinfect the surfaces and knobs that they worked on.

Your home and car are essential for your daily mobility. Keeping both properties in top shape should be a priority. But so is your safety. With the right information and preparation, you can have a safe repair experience.

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