Surrendering Your House to the Smell of Nature

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Are you a nature lover? Furthermore, do you love the smell of the woods? Do you even admire wood-made items inside a personalized gift box shop? In this case, you can bring that woody vibe inside your house. You can apply for some changes to achieve that vibe.

Wooden designs can give you a pleasant design with a feel of drama. These designs can give you a cozy feeling yet a warm ambiance. Meanwhile, you don’t have to use wooden designs in all corners. A slight touch can already make a difference.

Living in Rustic Style with Wood

You don’t have to live in the woods or in the countryside to feel a rustic vibe. In this case, you can use rustic decors. Pulling off a large-scale makeover is not necessary. Meanwhile, you may want to think about the following rustic home decor ideas:

Wood Beams

The first design that often adds to the rustic vibe of a home is a wood beam. It can add a countrified appeal. Aside from that, you can use beams in various parts at home. You can put a beam into the ceiling, doorways, and built-ins like a bookcase. Furthermore, you can still use what’s left in small projects like table legs or bed frames.

Wood Panel Wall

This design can match a modern vibe. You can use it to create sleek lines. Apart from that, you can also use it in a small portion of a room. You can use it to divide two spaces in your house. With the right choice of details, you can come across eminent designs.

Reclaimed Wood

A salvaged wood can still produce a rustic vibe to your home. You can put them on your wall or create furniture from it. Your creative skills can help to bring out something new from reclaimed wood.

Repurposed Antiques

It is a brilliant idea to bring a new purpose for your old and antique items. An example of that is using antique doors for your fireplace. This way, you don’t have to throw old items right away. Instead, you can reuse and turn them into something special again.

Shelves and Ledges


Old and used pallets can also make a good project. You can turn them into pallet shelves or ledges. In this case, you can create more storage spaces. Apart from that, they can also serve as a design on your walls.


Pallets can also turn into a great bench inside and outdoors. In this case, you only have to be clever to bring out something new from these old pallets. A creative mind with efforts can give you new designs and items from old materials.

Wood designs never grow old. They can still provide you with the elegant and cozy look you want. Moreover, it has never lost its popularity. Wood still offers a warm mood at home.

Meanwhile, the following wood types can make good interior decor for your home:

  • Oak: This wood option is a popular choice in the world. It is tough and with a lovely texture. Oaks may have various species, but each of them has a distinct feature.
  • Cedar: It is a type of hardwood with a pleasant scent. Moreover, it has a feature of weather and insect resistance. Cedar doesn’t need any chemicals to treat it. For this reason, these wood are better choices for families who prefer using natural products.
  • Paduak: Its fresh-cut brings out a bright orange-red color, then becomes reddish-brown later on. It is moderately hard, durable, and rot-resistant. It is famous among various furniture.
  • Teak: A proper match of home colors and patterns, this wood can be on a whole new level. In its aging stage, it becomes a shiny, silverish-grey tint. In effect, the texture improves even more.
  • Walnut: This wood makes a great flooring material. Aside from that, it is also a common material for dining tables, rocking chairs, or cupboards. You have to maintain it, but the effort is worth it for its beauty.

Other wood types can help enhance the vibe in your home. Their scent can bring that nature-like feeling. For this reason, you will feel as if you are in the middle of the woods. Aside from that, it can also relax you from stress and tension.

Wooden designs can still capture the interest of many people. Wood remains a good choice for furniture and home decors. Moreover, it can match well with the modern era. For this reason, wood can provide an interior design worth the interest of anyone.

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