The Perks of Installing Solar Shades on Your Windows

While there are many window furnishings available in the marketing, solar shades are a good choice. Also known as sun shades, these are specially-designed fabrics woven tightly to block out UV rays and sunlight. Solar shades can range between opaque materials to semi-translucent fabrics that can help you see the outdoors even when they’re rolled down.

For visual appeal, window solar shades are an excellent interior design choice for rooms where you don’t want the attention to draw elsewhere and you need simple but effective shades. Aside from aesthetics, solar shades can also provide five functional benefits.

Daytime Privacy

If you don’t like Peeping Toms or passersby seeing the inside of your home, solar shades can provide a level of privacy in the morning without blocking the view. They offer the same level of privacy as sheer curtains. So in the mornings, you can see and enjoy the outdoor views, but no one can see you.

Protect Your Indoor Belongings from UV Rays

Most window furnishings can block out sunlight, but not all are equipped to block UV rays. Solar shades are specially woven to block out UV rays that can lead to skin cancer and other severe skin conditions. UV rays can also break down chemicals and dyes on your furniture, causing their colors to fade faster than they usually would.

Reduce Outdoor Heat and Cooling Costs

Solar shades block out sunlight that can heat your home, especially during the summer. When too much sunlight enters your home, it can be difficult for your air conditioning system to lower your indoor temperature, causing it to work twice as hard and using up more electricity than necessary.

With solar shades, minimal amounts of sunlight can enter your home. This reduces the need for your air conditioner to work harder as it can maintain a cool temperature without sunlight heating up the room.

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Avoid the Glare of the Sun

During certain times of the day, sunlight might hit your windows at an angle where the light causes a glare. This makes it either too hot or too bright for certain spots of the room, making it uncomfortable for people in the way of it.

Solar shades can prevent this. You can still see the outdoors, but the sunlight that penetrates your windows won’t make your eyes uncomfortable by glares or your body uncomfortable by the heat.

Choose How Much Sunlight Goes In

Solar shades’ woven fabric can be customized so you can choose how much sunlight will pass through the fabric. If you want your home to be lit with natural lighting, you can opt for shades with a high openness factor of up to 14% light. But if you prefer to reduce the heat and light from the sun, there are also shades with lower openness factor with as low as 3%.

Solar shades are a good option for those who want the benefits of window furnishings to block excessive heat and light while maintaining some privacy. At the same time, however, you’re not giving up the view of your beautiful outdoors. So, if you’re shopping for window furnishings, solar shades are a good choice.

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