Three Reasons Summer Is the Perfect Time to Relocate

For most people, summer is the perfect season of fun and relaxation. Families take advantage of the warm weather by spending more time outdoors or traveling to the beach or abroad for that much-needed vacation. But apart from all the fun, summer is also a busy season for moving. When the housing market is booming, homeowners are taking advantage of the free time they have by relocating and hiring movers.

Those who have tried moving houses once in their life would admit that moving is exhausting and stressful. It only gets even difficult because of certain circumstances, such as the weather and changes in seasons. That is why it’s important to choose the right opportunity to relocate to make the entire moving process easier.

For buyers and renters planning to relocate soon, summer is the perfect season to move. Although moving in the middle of summer may seem an ugly nightmare for those planning a vacation, it’s actually a wiser approach for most movers. With that in mind, here are the top reasons summer is a perfect time to move.

Kids are on vacation

While moving is stressful and exhausting for every person involved, the struggle is even tougher for kids. Children are likely to suffer from the anxiety of moving to new neighborhoods and leaving old friends behind. There will be many adjustments involved, from meeting new friends and going to a new school.

Moving during summer avoids two problems that involve the kids. First, the kids don’t have to transfer schools in the middle of the school year, allowing them to start afresh in the new school instead of catching up on school works. Second, this will give the parent the extra time to talk to their kids and prepare them emotionally before moving.

This will be a great time for parents to search for good schools in the new neighborhood. You can even tag the kids along so that they have a say in their choice of school. Families whose college kids are planning to move out will make it easier to change the status quo in the household after the move.

Since the kids will be around for most of the moving, a set of extra hands is a great help. They can use their free time to help the family to pack and prepare things for the move. Taking an active part during the relocation will allow them to process everything easier.

Better weather

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Sure, moving during summer means enduring the hot temperatures and the sweaty packing process. But the great thing about summer is the favorable weather and good road conditions. Imagine moving during winter, where most roads are slippery and filled with snow.

The cold winter season can bring snowstorms, heavy rains, icy roads, high winds, and other sources of delay that may cause transit issues. Think of the risks of slipping or getting stuck on icy walkways while carrying loads of items. This can cause injuries and a lot of delays if anyone ends up getting hurt.

Cold weather is also a bad time if you’re moving plenty of electronics, books, and antique furniture. There’s a big chance your items would get wet. Snowbanks can also cause issues if the moving truck has to come closer to the curb.

Summer also means longer daytime. Anyone who will take a lot of time during the moving process will find the extra daylight hours useful to accomplish more things.

Garage sale galore

Summer is a perfect time to organize neighborhood garage sales, which benefits both the seller and the buyer. Having extra time gives you more opportunity to sort through your possessions and find which ones you plan to keep, donate, and sell.

If you own plenty of belongings, sorting will take you at least two months. You can also seek the help of your neighbors to promote the garage sale and bring more customers to your yard.

Garage sales are a great way to let go of old items and clutters you don’t want to bring in your new home. This is also an opportunity to earn extra cash, which you can use for the relocation and home improvements.

We understand how difficult it is to spend your summer preparing for the relocation instead of lounging on the beach. But think of all the many advantages of moving houses during the hot season and the opportunity to bond with the family. If you plan to make a summer move, be sure to book a reservation with a moving company to get your desired moving date.

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