Financial Literacy: What Makes a Property Investment-Worthy?

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If you are considering a real estate investment, you probably want the maximum profits from the risk you are about to take. The secret to maximizing your return potential is selecting the right property. Not all properties in the market are worth putting your money into. You have to evaluate the ones that have the highest potential. Unlike a standard house flip, renting and other forms of real estate investment are subject to various factors. Here is how you find an investment-worthy property

Growth Potential

When you see posters indicating land for sale in Truganina Vic, the first thing you should think about is the growth potential. Find out whether the property can be developed and yield plenty of returns. If there is no possible cash flow, it doesn’t necessarily make an excellent investment. You need some form of guarantee that your investment will still be safe in the future. Projecting profits can be difficult, but it’s possible to tell when you look at similar properties in the area. If similar investments are doing great around the location, you can easily spot the property’s growth potential. When buying property, you can also consider hiring a property manager. They will help you manage your investment to ensure maximum returns.

Condition of the Property

The property condition will determine what is worth investing in. Today, everything can be done online. You can take virtual property tours and complete a purchase without visiting the location. But if you are serious about this investment, make time to visit the property. A visual inspection will uncover some flaws that can easily be hidden in a video or picture. Decide on your own whether the property is worth it based on what you have seen.  New property investors always make the mistake of undermining the impact a property condition will have on the returns. If you feel you can renovate the property to make it what you want and have the funds, then, by all means, go for it. But if you are working with limited funds, always go for properties in the best condition.


Location is also a significant factor to consider. Look for areas that are attractive to renters. Also, find properties that most people are looking for at the moment. Residential areas like Westbrook Estate are usually located close to social facilities and amenities. If you want to invest in residential properties, find locations with excellent schools, parks, shopping centers, and fun facilities. These are the common attributes most people, especially families, look for when settling for a place. You also need to consider the crime rate in the location. Despite the availability of the amenities, your investment will be risky if the crime rate is very high. Find out all you can about the property’s location before you go all in. The neighborhood determines the kind of tenants who will be attracted to your property.

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Rental Yield

Average rent must also be a consideration. If the property checks all the other boxes but the rental income is very low, try your luck elsewhere. Look into the rental average in the property location. It will give you an average amount of what to expect in case you acquire the rental property. The rent should cover management expenses, mortgage payments, and taxes and still leave you with some profits. If the investment cannot pay expenses and have profits, you will struggle to make ends meet. Many things determine rental yield; that is why you should calculate it before buying any property.

Property Value

Compare the value of the property to the money you are required to pay. Sometimes, the value may be too low for the asking price, which makes it a risky investment. If you are lucky, the asking price will be lower than the property value. Income investors usually have a different focus and priority than any other kind of investor, so you should consider getting a great income-producing property. Looking at the value will help you bargain accordingly and get the best-selling price. Appreciation is also worth looking into. The property should be able to appreciate after purchase.  Valuations are constantly changing, so keep up with the changing market trends.


When you take all these into consideration, you will make the best investment. Have a checklist to ensure the property ticks all the boxes. It’s the only way to determine if it’s a worthy purchase. Don’t compromise too much because it may affect your investment. A little flexibility is okay, but make sure you have a list of things you can’t compromise.

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